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Eurasian Brown Bear, Ursus arctos.Suomussalmi, Finland.Brown bear (Ursus arctos), FINLAND/MARTINSELKONEN, SUOMUSSALMI, KAINUU. Ten years ago, most Europeans who wanted to see bears, went to Alaska. Now they can instead go to Finland, Sweden or Romania, who all have large and growing bear populations, and ecotourism operators who will take you to see the bears from permanent hides. Bears were once found throughout the continent and even inhabited the British Isles until the 10th century. This is the same species as the North American Grizzly, and has made a remarkable comeback throughout much of Europe. Today, the European parts of Russia has by far the largest bear population (c 36,000), followed in order by Romania (6-7,000), Sweden (2,500) the Balkans (2,500-3,000) and Finland (1,000).